Find the dates that work for everyone

Gather all participants’ available time frames and find a common time that works for everyone.

  • Easy date polling among friends
  • Automated selection of top rated date ranges
  • Calendar integration for reminders
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Submit and Vote on Destinations as a Group

Vote on preferred destinations and choose the most requested location that aligns with everyone’s interests.

  • Transparent voting system
  • Ensures everyone is happy with their choices before traveling

Finalize and Enjoy Your Trip

Lock in the date and place with everyone’s confirmation, and get ready to enjoy a trip that gets everyone excited

  • Easy confirmation process
  • Shared travel documentation
Give it a try now!

What’s coming next?

We have a ton of features in mind to bring to you, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming features such as:

  • Submit and vote on Hotel, AirBNB’s and activities
  • Splitting of costs for the entire trip among participants
  • Group discounts on travel and activities